Hello! Welcome to Thorny Thoughts, the first topic this will cover is how I got into reading fantasy and sci-fi books, in a bid to further my ability at writing as well as hearing more from you guys who follow me! So, hopefully you will enjoy this, and not find it too rambling, and please let me know more about how you first started reading your favourite genre!

I have always enjoyed reading, my mum, grandad and whole family would read books constantly, and I was very lucky to have a mum who would read to me and encourage me to read a wide range too. At a young age I started reading Lord of the Rings and the amazing story of the Hobbit, the imagination, creative world building and just brilliant stories on offer captivated me. I would then go on to slowly read a wider variety, from Phillip Pullman, to Darren Shan, Rick Riordan and the amazing books of Lauren St John, they made up a wide and varied selection of creative and mesmerising books, that managed to scare and excite and teach me so much! My next big break through would be with Etlantris and the fantastic imagination of Brandon Sanderson.

Upon a holiday to the Canary Islands, my usual amount of books had not managed to keep me going and I found myself pillaging the apartments bookcase and one book stood out to me, Etlantris. It took me about a week to read and started me on the journey to enjoying adult fantasy, the world building, magic, and fascinating storyline enthralled me and when I noticed the first of the Mistborn series beside it I was quick to pick that up and start it straight away! That would be the start with the exciting fast paced books of Brandon Sanderson, and I would slowly pick up the works of Brent Weeks, Peter V Brett, Samantha Shannon and more, and my love for fantasy books, the imagination and the worlds is still growing to this day!

Quite a quick story, but as time passes, I always wonder if I would have ever gotten into fantasy books if it had not been for that chance encounter. Over the years they have kept me sane, and allowed me to escape and explore, all while entertaining and teaching me. I love fantasy, and as I grow older this will only grow, but I certainly have expanded onto new and different genres, evoking more of what I read as child, but that’s for another Thorny Thoughts in the future! I love a wide range; I love stories and I can-not wait to keep on reading more!

5 thoughts on “Thorny Thoughts: How I started reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

  1. The serendipity of finding a book you end up loving on someone else’s shelf is great! And to set you off on your journey (and help set others off!) is even better. Does this happen to you often?

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    1. hello! and honestly its the best and sadly not happened much lately, but every time i go on holiday/ somewhere new I try to find the shared bookshelf, how about you? But when I could before this pandemic I also loved walking through a library looking/ just waiting for something to catch my eye!

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      1. Yes, this is one of the things I miss since the pandemic. I used to visit my University library looking for one particular book, but come out with three or four just because I would browse the shelves.

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      2. Yes! Defo like just the random wee acts, now everything is so planned and regimented! Like defo sitting in the uni for a wee hour reading like 10 different books and putting them back as you don’t like them/ find others! πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»


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