Book review: Bernard Cromwell, “The Pale Horseman.”

Pale Horseman, is the second book in The Last Kingdom series by Bernard Cornwell. Continuing the story of Uthred and his desire to become Lord of Bebbenburg once again. Characters Uthred the main character can become a bit repetitive, grave, grumpy and always wanting to kill, be that the Viking or just about anyone, but…

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Book Review: John Gwynne, “Ruin.”

The third in the Faithful and Fallen series by John Gwynne, Ruin continues the grand good vs evil story that has entertained me thoroughly. Once again the characters, motivations and actions are wonderfully thought through, having been building up to some of the revelations in this book, the story really hammers home the implications of…

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Book Review: John Gwynne, “Valour.”

Valour is the second book in John Gwynnes epic high fantasy series The Faithful and Fallen. Continuing the story of Corbin and his family and friends and the plight that they have found themselves in now that there home is lost, and as they try to fight back at the evil taking over the land.…

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Book Review: Susanna Clarke, “Piranesi.”

Piranesi lives in a world of thousands of rooms, filled with statues, all different, his only companion a strange man that he meets once a week, The Other. As the backgrounds and why Piranesi is in this world unfolds so too do the motives of The Other. Susanna Clarke weaves a story of confusion, loss,…

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Book Review: Philipa Rice, “Soppy.”

“Soppy” by Philipa Rice is a graphic novel following the story of a couple and their adventure through life together, their love interactions and every day life. Having never read a graphic novel or comic book for years I thoroughly enjoyed this and had to review it. To start the art style is wonderful, it…

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Book Review: John Gwynne, “Malice.”

Malice is the first in the Faithful and Fallen Series, by John Gwynne, an epic High Fantasy tale that pits evil vs good. With amazing characters and a beautifully described world, Malice starts off the series on a high note, and instantly enters into my all time favourites of Fantasy books! Characters– The strongest aspect…

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Book Review: Bernard Cornwell, “The Last Kingdom.”

The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell is a historical fiction following the story of Uhtred, a young Englishman whose is taken in by Ragnar, the man who has murdered his father. This leads to an interesting perspective as the young man essentially learns to be a Viking or a Dane, learning their customs and traditions…

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Book Review: Stephen Fry, “Troy.”

Following the story of Troy, myths, dynasties and all the references towards the work of Homer and the Iliad as one can imagine, Stephen Fry produces a fun book that is best described as a simple history. This book reminds me of the Horrible History stories just a bit more advanced, it is written in…

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Book Review: Peter Newman, “The Seven.”

The final book in the trilogy, Peter Newman finishes off a story that is very refreshing, exciting and creative. Joining the two threads of the Vagrant and his daughter Vesper, the book is told from the viewpoint of both, combining the witty, excitement of the descriptions of The Vagrant and how he experiences the world…

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Thorny Thoughts: Not Finishing a Book.

QOTD: Tell me about your experiences: What was your most recent book that you did not finish? Were there any reasons for why you quit the book? This week’s topic is something I find really interesting: Not being able to finish a book. I find this such an interesting topic as ultimately, I do not…

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Book Review: Peter Newman, “Malice.”

This is the second in Peter Newman’s Trilogy following the story of the Vagrants daughter Vesper and the sword Malice. The post-apocalyptic mixed with sci-fi world is a fresh and exciting setting that carried on from the first book is mesmerising. A bit slow paced at points, the setting characters and overall story amount to…

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Book Review; Peter Newman, “The Vagrant.”

The Vagrant follows the story of a lone man, a baby and a goat on a quest to return a powerful sword in a post-apocalyptic world. The story opens with an immense battle dumping the reader in at the deep end; the rich detail and completely alien world is immersive and captivating. Stuck questioning how…

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Book Review; Leo Carew, “The Spider.”

The Spider by Leo Carew, continues the story of the Wolf, being part of a series called the North Sky Trilogy. This book certainly improved upon the first, adding in more characters, more excitement and creating a more interesting environment that although seems a bit basic had certainly made me enjoy it more after the…

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Book Review; Bram Stoker, “Dracula.”

First released in 1897, Dracula by Bram Stoker is an enjoyable, if confusing read. To start I am critiquing this off my own read through, which took nearly a full month of on an off reading and was the first time I have read a ‘classic’. I found this book enjoyable at points, the fast-paced…

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Book Review; Jay Kristoff, “Darkdawn.”

The final instalment to the Nevernight trilogy Jay Kristoff cements himself as one of the best fantasy authors I have come across to date. An adventure story that incorporates an amazing magic system, a rich history and a grand showdown, this series as well as book is one of my all-time favourites! I highly recommend…

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Book Review: Jay Kristoff, “GodsGrave.”

The second instalment of the Nevernight Trilogy Jay Kristoff kicks it out of the park with yet another amazing story, this was an exceptionally brilliant book. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves action, a fast-paced story and a fantasy adventure of amazing proportions! This was certainly a 10 out of 10 stars from…

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Book Review: Patrick Rothfuss, “The Wise Mans Fear.”

The second book by Patrick Rothfuss, following the story of Kvothe, really falls flat, a meandering, often boring lacklustre book really does not live up to its predecessor’s excitement and originality. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this, giving it a 3/10 stars. The Wise Mans Fear by Patrick Rothfuss was a book I was slightly dreading,…

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Book Review: Jay Kristoff, “Nevernight.”

This is the BEST book I have read since getting into the fantasy and Sci-Fi genres, all the way back when I first read Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Series. I am at a loss for words, something not good for a review writer, but the sheer imagination, creativity and character development and emotional attachment I have…

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Book Review; Patrick Rothfuss, “Name of The Wind.”

 Following the story of the mysterious Kvothe. This book is a high fantasy thriller, with unexpected twists, enjoyable, relatable characters and laugh out loud moments! I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the trilogy to be finished so I can read the rest and see what happens! I would give this a solid…

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Book Review: Sebastian Barry, “Days Without End.”

Days Without end follows the story of main protagonist Thomas Mcnulty and his good friend John Cole as they participate and fight in not only the American Civil War but also the war against the Native Americans too. The story is fast paced and riveting throughout. Following the journey of Thomas as he signs up…

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Book Review- Leo Carew; “The Wolf.”

“Strange names; set in a world too close to modern day Europe and very little female representation, The Wolf falls flat in many areas.” “The Wolf” by Leo Carew is a strange book. Revolving around the conflict of two nations, the “Sutherners” and the “Anakim”. One clearly living in the South and the other in…

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Book Review – Stephen King: “The Institute.”

“The Institute” by Stephen King is not ground-breaking, but its poignant. In a world where mass incarcerations and state controversies are rife. This story looks at how a group of children, be that with eerie special powers, are kidnapped, locked up and abused.  In typical King fashion it is a group of children that is pivotal…

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Book Review – Neil Gaiman: “Neverwhere.”

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman is amazingly perfect! First published in 1996 this book is timeless, and a book that whenever I feel sad, happy, excited anything! I go back and reread it!  This is an all-time favourite of mine, following the story of Richard Mayhew and his discovery of Door, a girl from the “Under…

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